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Virtual Brand Group Logo
Virtual Brand Group Logo
Breaking news: Global nomination
“… for Metaverse fashion & avatar commerce innvovation…”
Breaking news
The Voice enters the Metaverse. ITV partners exclusively with VBG across all web3.
“VBG is the perfect partner for us because together, we can enable a one stop activation for all our territories and broadcasting partners around the world…”
Head of Brand & Licensing at ITV Studios
Lucie Stoffers
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Partnering with the world’s brands to create






Games, Experiences & Merchandise 

"The Metaverse will be worth
by 2030"
VBG launches Forever 21 into Metaverse on Roblox
“Every year our goal is to re-emerge with the next generation — remaining the go-to brand…Basically, cutting edge meets community is Roblox. The metaverse is now and F21 wants in.”
President and CMO of Authentic Brands Group (Forever 21)
Nick Woodhouse
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“The metaverse will be the most powerful marketing channel for the brands of tomorrow” 
Inc. magazine

What we do

Transform businesses

VBG designs, builds, operates, markets and monetizes your business across the Metaverse

We harness the power of web 3.0 for your I.P. by creating consumer experiences to socialize, shop, make friends, and create products in the virtual and physical world simultaneously
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How we do it

Virtual Brand Group delivers

Create new revenue streams

Avatar merchandise replicates what you currently sell. In addition, we develop brand-new product categories and virtual experiences that you can monetize.

“Infinite Loop Marketing”™: Drive traffic from your virtual to your physical store / e-comm in a continuous cycle.

Convert in game products to real world sales. Transform your real-world sales into digital consumers.

Attract new consumers globally

Expose your brand to a wider age / geography / demographic globally, all at the same time so they love your brand in new ways and even before they’re real-world consumers.

Incubate new products with zero R&D cost

The “VBG Lab” constantly creates innovative products for your Metaverse experience that can extend the brand into new categories that either don’t yet (or can’t ever exist) in your portfolio. We develop, test and iterate at a speed not possible in the physical world. We then offer you insights and the opportunity to use the best ideas in the physical world.

Capture Strategic Decision-Making Analytics

3D environments provide more data than any other platforms. Learn how your new consumer lives, shops and socializes before your competitors do.
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Why the Metaverse now?

Massive consumer scale
Unprecedented time spent
Deep social engagement
Unlimited personal expression

Massive consumer scale

Players per month
roblox logo
fortnite logo
minecraft logo
roblox logo
fortnite logo
minecraft logo

Unprecedented time spent

Player time per month

Spent in Roblox on avg.
More than YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Instagram and Netflix combined
Roblox (78)
YouTube (23)
TikTok (22)
Instagram (6)
Netflix (6)
Avg. hrs / month used

crypto and blockchain

NFT’s are exploding

LeBron James NFT Sets
Record Sale Price $208K
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crypto and blockchain

NFT’s are exploding

Unlock a new future for fandom that's easy to own,  trade, and creates new value
“We firmly believe that this digital asset market will be as big as or even bigger than the physical asset market in the long run                                          


Get in the Metaverse

Games . Experiences . Merchandise
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